Friday, November 5, 2010

Kelly Ripa Workout & Diet - Live Star Reveals her Secrets!

Kelly Ripa - Live with Regis and Kelly

You may recognize this girl from the show All My Children or sitting next to Regis Philbin on Live with Regis and Kelly. Kelly Ripa was born in New Jersey in 1970 where she began her acting career in high school as she took part in every play.

Her youth, witty nature and willingness to make fun of herself on camera helped her win over the audiences on Live with Regis.

But this beauty and mother of three always prided herself on her work ethic. Her dedication to her workouts and training helped her land two appearances on the FHM's 100 Sexiest Women list.

Kelly Ripa Workout

Ripa began to take her training very seriously after she had children. Glowing on the cover of the TV Guide, she told the reporters:

"My body is so much better since I had kids! Running around the city every day - taking the kids to the park, pushing them in the swings - that's a life workout."

These days Kelly Ripa works with her trainer Keith Byard.

Byard understands Kelly's busy work schedule and designs her programs to be efficient. Her workout consists of both cardiovascular and strength training and she's never in the gym for longer than 45 minutes.

Ripa keeps her choice of equipment basic and affordable. She has a skipping rope, stability ball, resistance band with handles, a pair of three and five pound dumbells, and a medicine ball.

Warm Up:

Kelly gets her blood flowing with a four-pound medicine ball. She'll start by tossing the medicine ball in the air and throwing it at the ground or wall forcefully. She finishes her warm up with an eight to ten minute skipping session to get her heart rate high enough for cardiovascular training.

Cardiovascular Training:

Kelly usually spends twenty minutes on cardiovascular training. She mixes up skipping and 30 second jumping jack sessions. She begins with 20 jump rope revolutions and increases by 20 after each round of jumping jacks. She stops at 100 revolutions. She then startings moving in reverse, reducing the revolutions by 20 after each jumping jack session until she's reached her original 20 revs. She'll often repeat this curcuit twice.

Strength Training:

Kelly enjoys having variety in her strength workouts. Here's a sample strength workout provided by her trainer:

Day 1:

One-legged hip lift
Rotational Lunge
Push-up with rotation (T pushup)
Sit-up to stand
Inchworm and pushup

Day 2:

Tricep Press
Bicep curls
Ab Work

Through the help of her trainer, Ripa tries to incorporate a lot of compound and interval training. For instance, with bicep curls, she will do 10 repetitions, then increase to 20 repetitions, and 25 repetitions without a break in between. With this technique she is able to increase her heart rate throughout the workout.

"You go from anaerobic to aerobic workout right away to burn a hell of a lot more calories."

Kelly Ripa Diet

"I lost my own baby fat when I started eating whatever fell off the high chair instead of a four-hour lunch."

This statement dates back to 2005 when she started taking her training seriously. But the majority of the credit goes to the family chef who helps prepare home-cooked meals and demands healthy eating habits.. "Now my family tries to eat smaller amounts more often. I'm big on grazing,"

The chef also taught Ripa the concepts of nutrition, portion control and importance of fiber.

Kelly isn't perfect though. She breaks one big nutrition rule - she skips breakfast! She enjoys starting her day off with a coffee instead. It's not until 10am that she will eat her first meal. She typically sticks with a small turkey sandwich or turkey bacon BLT on whole-wheat bread. As a snack, she'll often go with a piece of fruit and almonds. Lastly, for dinner she has a light serving of steak or fish with fresh vegetables.

Kelly Ripa understands that it takes dedication and consistency when it comes to eating healthy. And, even with her incredibly busy schedule, she has learned to stick with her healthy eating habits.

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